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ss a rude man." As things tur▓ned out, the greater his worries, the more likely they were to become a reality. The Village Chief scolded Wang mercilessly for every mishap he made, talking obscenities without car

ing about his fee▓lings. Sometimes Wang felt so wronged that tears

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  • 000 kg output of potatoes earned 67.2 mil?/li>
  • 坙ion yuan RMB (983.80 million U.S. dollar
  • s) for local farmers. (Xinhua Photo)&n
  • bsp;Profile: Wang ▓HeAssistant to Village C
  • hief in Sanjie Vi▓llage, Kangzhuang T
  • own, Yanqing CountyHe graduated from the
  • Department of Political Science and Law a
  • t Beijing University of Agriculture.Afte
  • r graduation, he served as village off
  • icial and stay for another termAs one of t

he first batch of Beijin

  • g鈥檚 college graduate village officials
  • , Wang came to Sanjie Village, Kangzhuan
  • g Town, in 2▓006. During the past three
  • years Wang transformed from a law graduat
  • e into a sweet potato expert. Ret▓ain
  • ing his post as a village official up▓on
  • expiration of his term, Wang made up his
  • mind to carry on the cause of promoting c
  • olorful sweet potatoes.Scolding nearly
  • made Wang quitWang ▓is from a peasant fami

ly of Miyun

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